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Glad Romney lost, but how happy am I that Obama won?

11/07/2012 1 comment

It’s over. The biggest most important election of our lifetimes. Til the next one.

I am glad that Mitt Romney lost. I don’t think he is a bad guy, but I believe his policies are perverse and scary as a vision for our future.

That being said, I am not really excited about an Obama win. The election was huge for some very liberal senators (Baldwin, Warren, Brown), but Obama is not the raging socialist that conservatives state him to be. He is a pragmatic centrist.

The issue that I am not happy about is Obama’s education policy. We saw very little said about education during this campaign and when they did talk about it they were in agreement.

Obama was pushed to a win by the work of youth, people of color, unions, teachers, and women. Now it is time to keep pushing him.

We have to demand changes on his educational policy because they are not working.

We need to abandon Race to the Top and the fetishizing about standardized testing and data points.

We need to reinvest in public schools and realize how charters are no better and have less accountability and juke their stats by ridding themselves of students with special needs and students with behavioral problems.

We need to reaffirm the false choice that the choice movement is in schools.

We should have all schools being properly funded with good wages and benefits and pensions for the teachers who work there. And proper accommodations and supplies for the students to use.

We need to invest in all parts of education not just math and science. Social studies, foreign language, music, art, physical education are all really important for a well rounded child.

We need to demand the resignation of Arne Duncan and in his place a Secretary of Education who has many meaningful years of teaching.

We need to fight back against the corporate education reform and trust our teachers as guardians of our schools.

Now I know that many people want a break from politics and to just relax for a while, but the fight is never over. We need to push President Obama on these issues. We can’t let his current educational policies become the norm for our political debates.

Obama was the lesser of two evil candidates for me. Now is the time to push him to be even less evil.

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