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The reason why test scores are so low?

Because they aren’t offering the teachers gift certificates. Duh.

In an article, in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, about the lack of accountability and low test scores in voucher or choice schools in Milwaukee, one schools says that to improve the test scores they plan on 

Travis also said her schools are aiming to improve, including more workshops for teachers, a new curriculum director, and incentives for successful teachers such as gift certificates.

Because you know many teachers are just cruising by the workday, but if you wave a $20 dollar gift certificate to Ruby Tuesday in front of their face and you’ll get some top quality teaching. This is an insult to teachers. Teachers work hard and gift certificates are not going to make them work harder. Believing that is to believe that teachers teach for money first and students second. But, let me tell you: Teachers do not teach for the money.

What is also interesting is that the article does not talk about how voucher schools don’t require their teachers to have teacher licenses or sometimes even a degree in a related field. What they also don’t talk about is the disturbing rates in which some of these voucher schools pay their teachers.

Dorthy Travis is making around $216,000 and Michelle Lukas is making around $125,000. Teachers in these schools are making nowhere comparable to what their public school counterparts are making and with less benefits. But, these school CEOs are making bank and with no accountability.

Now, an important thing to note is that in my experiences that teachers at these schools do care about their students a lot and work hard, but the shadiness in these programs are at the top.

Choice schools were pushed to give students an option to go to “better” schools, but these schools aren’t doing any better. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The reason why these schools aren’t doing better and why many schools in Milwaukee struggle is not because of the teachers or low standards; The reason why schools are doing bad is because the socioeconomic factors of these kids lives has a major impact on school.

We need to work to full employment with living wages, easy and cheap access to health care, rethinking of the drug wars, and curriculum that is meaningful to students lives. Now let’s see some accountability on the politicians to fix these problems.

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