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Why I Won’t Vote for Obama

The 2012 election is being billed as the “most important election of our time.” That’s what they always say. As a progressive, it would seem natural for me to support President Obama, but this will not be the case this year. The reason why I won’t vote for Obama is because I have strong principles and a lot of Obama’s actions offend them.

Now, some might say that it is wrong for a progressive to not support Obama because that’s just a vote for Romney. Frankly, I won’t vote for somebody who goes against many of the principles that I hold in order to  not let another get office. For me, Obama has become the other. (Don’t get me wrong, Romney isn’t any better.)

Now just creating a list off the top of my head, here are some of the reasons.

  • Race to the Top
  • Expansion of drone attacks
  • Aggressive Middle East foreign policy
  • Indefinite detention
  • Obama’s kill list
  • Assassination of American citizens without due process
  • The number of innocent children who have been killed because of Obama’s foreign policy
  • Obama’s corporate friendly health care reform and not pushing for single payer or public option
  • Willingness to sacrifice the safety net
  • His environmental record (fracking, offshore drilling, etc)
  • Extension of Bush tax cuts
  • Troy Davis
  • Bradley Manning
  • Arne Duncan
  • Not actively campaigning against Scott Walker

I cannot sacrifice my principles. And I will not. Has Obama done some good. Yes, but it’s not enough. His presidency has not addressed the most pressing needs of our country: Inequality. Economic, educational, social inequality. The blindness that many suffer because of the cult of personality of Obama is sickening. Wake up people!



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