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It really hurts

It really hurts me right now. To be unemployed. To see others succeeding and thriving, while I just languish in my current position.

It hurts to see people call me lazy and selfish, when they don’t know me. To say I’m greedy because I have desires in my life that I want to be fulfilled.

It really hurts when people think they can label me and try to “figure me out” with just a small sample of interactions or word of mouth.

It hurts to be hurt, by the ones whose backs you’ve had and who you have desperately followed, in order to get that reference, that connection, to play the sick game of networking.

It pisses me off that it’s about who I know to get the teaching job I want, no, I need. This is no hobby horse for me. It consumes my being. To claw my way back into the classroom.

It hurts because I think I’ve done all the right things and put in the time. But, I know that there are bigger factors at play. What experienced has shown me, is that nothing is promised.

It hurts to be a teacher right now. It hurts to be a teacher in Wisconsin. It will hurt our future generations more, but right now it really hurts me.

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