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The Future in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin

It’s that time of year when new jobs are being posted. I have been subbing for about a year and a half and I’m excited for some opportunities to really teach a class. I have started to get some calls about interviews and it really has brightened my days.

I do hope to teach next year. The problem is that I’m not as excited as I once was. Basically, what happens with the Scott Walker Recall will have a major impact on my future. Let me explain.

I care about collective bargaining. A lot. And it’s a lot more than how much we are going to pitch in for our health care coverages. (Which are important, but I understand that as a society we just do not value education as we should. I know I’m not going to get rich teaching; I’d just like to live comfortably.)

The aspects of collective bargaining that are important to me deal with working conditions, curriculum, academic freedom, class size, etc. Things that people who support Walker should read up on because they believe it is only about the insurance costs.

I believe Walker’s actions are just a stepping stone towards the privatization of education. This is something that I disagree with and will fight. More on this in a future post.

If Walker loses, I hope that are rights to collectively bargain will be restored. It is important that we trust teachers and treat them with respect. When you demonize and demoralize teachers you will not attract good ones to teach. This is Scott Walker’s Wisconsin.

If Walker doesn’t get recalled, I sadly will probably look to teach out of state. It is sad because I went to public school, from first-graduate school, in Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin, but it’s not an environment in which I feel I am respected because of my profession. I want to teach in the Wisconsin that I grew up in, and I hope that I will be able to.

This is why this recall matters. Walker’s Wisconsin is one in which teachers are the bad guys. This is not the Wisconsin I grew up in. Recall Walker!

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