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Democrat v. Republicans: Sad Truths

When people ask me what my politics are it is hard for them to understand me. I’m not a Democrat as most people would think.

I usually tell them this, “I completely disagree with all Republicans, but Democrats are much better.”

This picture reminded me why I dislike Republican ideology. The sad thing is that I don’t believe the Democrats are much different.


  • Government transparency has been horrible under Obama
  • Whistleblowers have been under attack by Obama
  • Obama’s extensive use of drones to expand the war on terror

The saddest thing for me is that basically what Obama has done is extended George W. Bush’s foreign policies. This isn’t what I signed up for.

Republicans beliefs have been pretty repulsive, but Democrats are much farther behind.

On a Wisconsin side note, I’d like to see Obama really stand up for worker’s rights and come to Wisconsin and campaign.

He won’t do it. His education policies have been anti-teacher union. Race to the Top is an embarrassing neo-liberal bill that hurts our public education.

What are we to do? My solution is to focus on the local levels. This is where real progressive are. We need to win these battles.

Obama is most likely going to win the next election and continue to run the country as a moderate pragmatist. Which is sad we could use a progressive in the White House.


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