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Recall Round Up

Walker would sacrifice nature for jobs

Undecideds will decide recall election

“The 5% or so who are undecided will get a lot of attention in the upcoming recall because of the pivotal role they play. They are generally less interested and informed than the rest of the electorate. But they are also less swayed by simple cues such as partisanship and ideology.

“They are actually more likely to vote based on how the incumbent is performing, particularly on the economy. Memorable ads can also be effective. But you can expect many of the ads to focus on the economy and state budget, so the two factors are not independent.”

Kleefisch won’t challenge signatures

Walker gives out $100,000 in tax credits to businesses imagine how many children and old people he could have helped with that

Recall Elections in June

Walker gives more job to loyalists who donate money to Republicans

On the face of it, these appointments appear to be Scott Walker’s gestures of thanks to Republican loyalists. With all of the court cases, redistricting challenges and ethics complaints piling up against other GOP faithful within the court system, Walker and his sycophants will need all the help they can get.

Job gains under Scott Walker:

Walker’s millions not buying favorable ratings

Republican Scott Walker and his allies are vastly outspending the other side on TV, yet the latest polling suggests it’s having minimal impact on public perceptions of the governor.

Scott Walker is ALEC’s little buddy

Scott Walker is a Bain-like CEO

During his keynote address at this year’s right-wing Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker likened himself to a new CEO who is hired to turn around a failing company.

Next time he uses his business analogy, Walker would be more accurate to compare himself to the head of Bain Capital, the investment firm co-founded by GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, which amassed profits for itself by running companies into the ground.

Board seeks more time to review signatures; Walker raises more money from people out of state

Walker gets help from out of state people, not Wisconsinites

Interestingly, the way Walker has chosen to respond to this concern is by … wait for it … taking in probably limitless amounts of money from out of state, including Missouri, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Tennessee, Minnesota, California, Oregon, Florida, and, oh, yeah, Washington, D.C.

In fact, Walker has raised just over $12 million over the last year. In just the first part of this year, he raised $4.6 million — 61 percent of which came from out of state with more than 50 percent came from those giving more than $250,000 each. And most of his top donors are from out of state, including Bob Perry of Texas, who contributed $500,000; Sarah Atkins, Davis Humphreys and Stanley Herzog, all of Missouri, gave $250,000 each; David and Charles Koch, of New York and Kansas, respectively, have spent more than $700,000 on Walker. “We’re helping him,” David Koch said earlier this month. “We’ve gotten pretty good at this over the years. We’ve spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We’re going to spend more.”

Foster Freiss, major Walker supporter and major women hater

“You know, back in my days, they’d use Bayer aspirin for contraceptives,” he said. “The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly.

Walker might have to resign before the recall

Walker Protester Art Show revived

Walker trying to shed his anti-union label

There’s a strategy here. Emphasize Walker’s supposed leadership qualities – hopeful, decisive, courageous. Soften the appearance of animus toward organized labor in general. Cleave virtuous private sector workers, including union members, away from supposedly overpaid public sector workers and big-spending “union bosses.” And, as usual, Koch and Walker are on the same page – despite the former’s moment of honesty.

Walker imports voter suppression thugs 

Rep. Mark Pocan looking back on the shame Walker unleashed on Wisconsin

Why Walker isn’t challenging Recall signatures

Meet Kathleen Falk

Walker in trouble against many of the possible Democratic opponents he may face

Walker would lose to top Democrats

Walker says his actions haven’t hurt Wisconsin, but Recall will

Walker won’t challenge recall signatures because too many people dislike him

Walker braces for recall and then lies that his reforms have “worked”

Scott Walker is dragging down conservative candidates

Scott Walker leads Wisconsin’s race to the bottom

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