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Scott Walker Hates Wasting Money

Scott Walker is upset about the recall his actions have prompted.  On Morning Joe he says,

“It’s a huge distraction not just for me, but the legislature. It’s $9 million of taxpayer money just to run this,” said Walker on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “Think about the number of kids, think of the number of seniors we could help in our state with $9 million we didn’t have to waste on this frivolous recall election.”

Imagine how many kids he could have helped if he hadn’t cut $1.1 billion in aid to schools. Or how about the tax payer money he has allocated to defend his Republican cronies attempt to hold onto power through their gerrymandering?

Or how about the John Doe Investigations? Talk about a distraction. Walker was surrounded by corrupt people. And it looks like he might be implicated in the investigation as well. 

Scott Walker loves to change the subject. The recalls are what are wrong with Wisconsin? Yea, right. He should talk about how Wisconsin’s economy has been at a stand still since his budget has passed and has been losing jobs.  He has attacked worker’s rights and given out tax breaks to corporations, while regular Wisconsinites have struggled. Where’s the jobs Gov. Walker? Do you care about education? How do you expect to attract teachers to Wisconsin, when you refer to them as thugs and attack their rights?

What Scott Walker cares about is power.  He wanted to attack Democratic voter bases with Act 10 and the redistricting controversy. He wants to stay in power. He doesn’t care about who he hurts in order to do so.

Recalls are part of the democratic process. He brought this upon himself. Democracy in action is a beautiful thing.  Recall Walker!

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