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Your Weekly Scott Walker Roundup

Majority of the best and informative reads of the week are going to be about Scott Walker and his pending recall. Here we go.

Losses to Working Families Under Scott Walker

David Koch Admits Big Spending to Help Scott Walker Bust ‘Union Power’ 

On Anniversary of Prank Call, Real Koch Wants to Stop Union Power

David Koch on Wisconsin: I’m helping Scott Walker

“We’re helping him, as we should,” Koch says of Walker. “We’ve gotten pretty good at this over the years. “We’ve spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We’re going to spend more.”

Scott Walker, Targeted For A Recall, Which Heartland Institute Aims To Fight, Documents Show

The leaked budget document describes Operation Angry Badger as “a research and education project built to take advantage of the public interest in Wisconsin’s Act 10 generated by recall elections that could take place.” The plan includes print and Web advertising to help publicize Walker’s changes to collective bargaining rights and what the institute claims are the high salaries of public school teachers and poor educational results within Wisconsin’s schools. The group also proposes creating blogs during a potential recall election to counter local newspaper and media reports on the Walker budget, school teacher salaries and public employee unions.

WI Governor Scott Walker Implicated in Criminal Prosecution | Scoop News

There are several potentially incriminating factors that arise from this email — especially when it is compared against Walker’s recent claim that he had told county employees it was improper to do political work using county resources and that, if he’d known that other employees had engaged in such conduct, he would have asked them to resign as he did with Wink.

Recall that Russell’s tenure as the Deputy Chief of Staff at the Milwaukee County Executive Office supposedly ended in March of 2010. Two months later, on 5/14/10, Russell, who had been replaced as the Deputy Chief of Staff by Rindfleisch, was supposedly working as the Housing Director for the county’s Department of Health and Human Services. So, unless Walker knew that Russell was the one who controlled the secret email system, why would he email Russell about “no laptops, no websites, no time away during the day” with respect to his County Executive Office?

Scott Walker, Meet John Doe

Well, it’s never good for the district attorney to invite you over for a chat during a John Doe investigation. Walker has been spinning this meeting as being “voluntary,” a way for him to “cooperate” with Chisholm, but it’s voluntary only in the sense that Chisholm isn’t serving him with a subpoena and ordering Walker to come in to his office.

Wisconsin Poll Results: Should Walker be Concerned?

One Year Ago We Learned Who Scott Walker Really Is

Wisconsin: One Year Later

Local Unions re-certify and gear up to fight Walker’s policies

Walker wants to protect vouchers, other schools he’s not as concerned.

Walker hates public employees and probably women too

Equity Pay Act to be repealed by Walker

Scott Walker Lies and Can’t Remember What he Votes for

A Talk with Scott Walker

Walker said an estimated $70 million to $80 million will be spent on the recall election, with tens of millions of dollars pouring in from unions. He wouldn’t say how much he felt he needed to raise to be competitive, but said fundraising was going well. He raised $12 million last year, and touted the fact that in his last report, 76 percent of his contributors were small donors giving $60 or less.

What Walker doesn’t say is that the majority of money raised and spending will be done by his cronies the Koch Brothers.

And Union Spending has plummeted

Translating Scott Walker

TV Stations don’t have to run Koch’s Ads and They shouldn’t

Walker should stop playing politics with our kids future

Fighting back against Walker’s actions

How Wisconsin Changed America

America’s Youth Uprising

Walker slipping in the polls

Protests protested by hypocrite Republicans. More here

Doug La Follette set to run for governor

Falk Slams Walker

Falk believes in honesty and transparency

Enjoy and Recall Walker!


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