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In Which We Steal Good Ideas

I’m a big fan of stealing good ideas.  The Finnish educational system is worth stealing. Read the whole article to understand better.

Finnish teachers, Sahlberg said, are well educated, well prepared, and highly respected. They are paid about the same as teachers in the United States in comparison to other college graduates, but Finnish teachers with fifteen years’ experience in the classroom are paid more than their American counterparts. I asked Sahlberg how it was possible to hold teachers or schools accountable when there were no standardized tests. He replied that Finnish educators speak not of accountability, but of responsibility. He said, “Our teachers are very responsible; they are professionals.” When asked what happens to incompetent teachers, Sahlberg insisted that they would never be appointed; once qualified teachers are appointed, it is very difficult to remove them. When asked how Finnish teachers would react if they were told they would be judged by their students’ test scores, he replied, “They would walk out and they wouldn’t return until the authorities stopped this crazy idea.

 Read the whole article here

“Our teachers are responsible and professionals” should be the mantra that we chant and the ideal that we strive for.  In Finland, teachers take their jobs seriously and are professionally prepared to do so. This is the case for most teachers everywhere. Yet they are demonized as lazy by people with zero teaching experience like Scott Walker.

That said I believe teachers need to strive for more professionally in term of understand their craft. Teacher need to stay up to date with literature that is important to their fields and also up to date as to what is happening to their profession. (Not just the latest trends, but to understand different educational philosophies and debates happening)

If you are a teacher and you have no idea what Obama is doing to the educational system, that is bad.  You should understand the implications of his appointment of Arne Duncan as Ed. Secretary, and his Race To The Top Program (Hint: they aren’t good).

To often in careers people believe that once college is done, then learning is done. This shouldn’t be true for any profession.  As teachers, we need to strive to know more about our contents, our pedagogical philosophies, and the politics that are surrounding our profession. This will make us better teachers, and prepares us to fight to save our profession.

This is a great article by Ratvich and if you want to start learning about education reform she’s an important voice that needs to be heard and discussed.

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