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Best Reads of the Week 2-19

Recall Walker Roundup!

Walker made right call by not appearing with Obama at Master Lock

Scott Walker trying to steal foreclosure settlement money

Gov. Walker “Walks” All Over the Proposed Foreclosure Settlement

Walker’s on out-of-state money hunt

Whose Wisconsin recall is it?

In Search of the Anti-Walker 

Plain Talk: Walker’s past comes back to haunt him

On First Anniversary of Wisconsin Uprising, Gov. Walker Fights Recall Effort by Energized Movement

Secret Email System Revealed in “John Doe” Probe of Walker Staff

Kathleen Falk: Why I would veto and why it’s important to say it

Does Governor Scott Walker have a Smoking Gun buried in the Budget Bill?

Twenty-Five Faces of an American Uprising

Gov. Scott Walker says $247,000-per-job CAPCO program was approved by former Gov. Jim Doyle

The petitioners: How 4 political novices drove the recall movement

Wisconsin’s Walker Piles Up Record of Massive Job Loss, Attacks on Civil, Workers’ Rights 

Mary Bell: Teachers do what they can so students don’t notice cuts

Backward Walker: Koch Brothers, ALEC, Puppet Governor Renew the Reagan Delusion

More Shadiness by Republicans in Wisconsin 

Occupy Wall Street and Labor: The Closest of Strangers

The Feeble Strength of One! 

A year substituting in Chicago’s public schools made me a radical/”reformer” from Day One. I saw the teachers’ union as a force for good—including the individual good. For example, two of my ‘children’ became teachers and both have had to protect themselves via union-enforced due process at some point in their careers. In the absence of due process, none of us is safe from unjust bosses or benign rulers. (It’s one reason I’m also such a fan of the Association for Union Democracy, which protects union members and staff from injustices by their “union bosses.”)

Cory Booker and Chris Christie: Teachers Should Live in Downtown Newark

Arizona Law Would Make It Illegal to Teach Law, History, or Literature

Ronald Reagan: Welfare Queen of Montana or: Tax Tips for Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is a lot more sticky. Lacking the Reagnite gumption to hold fast in a hustle for more than a few weeks, his attempts at fending off scrutiny only attracted more questions – and by the way, in the four years he had between presidential campaigns, Romney apparently never thought to restructure his financials in any sort of deceptively benign way. Reagan, on the other hand, held off the dogs for almost ten years with a masterful repertoire of moves – wounded indignation, question-begging, subject-changing, and above all, brazen repetition. And he figured out how to rejigger his financial arrangements sufficiently so that he ended up owing a regular-guy tax rate when it came time to do a reveal that proved grandiose enough to close off any interest in further inquiry.

Governor Romney, I know Ronald Reagan. You’re no Ronald Reagan.

Economics of Family Life, as Taught by a Power Couple

Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It
Making Shareholders Liable for Big Banks 

Your scholarship won’t pay their bills.

Ricky Gervais: My conscience never takes a day off

Romney’s Path to Pro-Life

The Afghanistan Report the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to Read 

Mitt Romney and the Fallacy of Political “Authenticity” the Satisfactions of Editing a Book Series 

Schools Matter: Top 10 Reasons For 1%ers to Support Charter Schools

America’s Decline Is Real (Part 2)

Erin Burnett: Worst of the worst

Frank VanderSloot Hates Free Speech

Elizabeth Warren: Early Years

Woody Guthrie’s New Years Resolutions

Jeremy Scahill: U.S. Has Ignited Islamist Uprising in Impoverished, Divided Yemen

Still more about adjuncts (though from now on I will refer to “non-tenure-track (NTT) faculty” instead)

“No more pencils. No more books. No more teacher’s dirty looks.”

a post about attendance (seriously) 

Can a Papermaker Help to Save Civilization? 

Twilight of Lectures


Are public schools unfairly blamed for America’s economic woes? 

Leveling the field: What I learned from for-profit education

Comedian Steve Coogan Goes from Cult to Classic

Why Obama’s the Least Socialistic President in Modern History (And That’s a Shame)

Why don’t top private schools adopt corporate-driven reforms? 

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