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Open Plea to Marty Beil

As a supporter of the recall Scott Walker movement in Wisconsin, I read some disheartening news in the La Crosse Tribune.  At a union rally to kick off the Recall Walker Movement Marty Beil, the head of the Wisconsin State Employees Union, gave a speech to a small group of people, which included up to 13 trade unions.  The exact contents of this speech are unknown to me, but from the article it was said to be expletive-riddled.  I contacted the author of the article, Chris Hubbuch, and he wrote me, “As I recall there were three words I couldn’t print – “ass” twice and “son of a bitch” once.”  Whether three swear words are expletive-riddled is debatable, but his use of swears are still unnecessary and counterproductive.

If you read the rest of the story, it is pretty moving some of the stories that are told.

There is Mary Stewe,

who said she dropped out of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse because she couldn’t afford the tuition and feared she wouldn’t be able to find a local job as a teacher.

There is Ed Ludwig,

a teacher at Hamilton Elementary and president of the local teachers union, who complained that public schools are now forced to choose between core classes and vocational programs that train students for in-demand trades like welding.

These are the important things that Recall Walker supporters need to highlight.   What Walker has done to worker’s rights are far more expletive than any word could possibly be, but this doesn’t help our cause.  It might rile up our base with cheap words, but the independents and those on the fence will not be won over this.  They need to hear from more of the Marys, and Eds, and others who are struggling because of Walker’s actions. There are many out there.

With that said, Marty Beil, think about what we are trying to represent. Anger will not win us anything.  Hard work and goodwill will.  Minor detour, now let’s get back on track.  Recall Walker.

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