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Standardized Tests to Measure Teachers

I’ve had this conversation before with other people.  One reason, why I don’t think that teachers should be judged on standardized tests of student performance is that I, as a teacher, only get an hour a day (if that) to work with the student.  This is why basing teacher evaluations and/or merit pay seems like an absolutely terrible and misguided idea.  The majority of the time of the students is going to be spent at home with a parent (if they are lucky).  Should parents be punished because their child doesn’t do well on a standardized test?

I think that peer-review and having teacher do something similar to the world that it takes to become Nationally Board Certified teachers, makes more sense.  Standardized tests don’t measure knowledge, they measure memory.  And they are no way to provide mass evaluations of teachers or our education system.


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