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Sit Down Children

E.D. Kain writes about a shocking idea (to me) about getting students to sit still:

No, what really bothers me is the notion that kids should sit still. Why should five-year-olds sit still in class? That’s not how we’re programmed and it’s certainly not how children are programmed. If you want kids to sit still, first you have to make sure they’ve run out of energy. If you haven’t noticed, kids have tons of energy, and asking them or expecting them to simply stay put is downright archaic.

Kain is absolutely right.  Sebelius is promoting the idea of deficit thinking paradigm.  These students fail because they can’t sit still.  Kain is thinking about the situation exactly how a good teacher should.  You should see a fault in the student because the are fidgety, but look for ways to use that energy in a positive learning environment.

I am a fan of standing desks and I think that if I could have my way in my (future) high school classroom, I would rather have standing desks instead of the standard desks.  Standing desks have a lot of advantages as well!

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