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Friday…Friday…Friday Music Post

To change the pace a bit, I think that on Fridays I am going to post some music that I listened to during the week.  The reasons why I post the music will probably vary.  Some might be random and some might have a story or more meaning surrounding it.

So for this week’s selection I am posting “Absolutely Sweet Marie” performed by George Harrison at the Bob Dylan 30th anniversary concert.

I was listening to a lot of Bob Dylan this week because of his 70th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Bob! I am also a big George Harrison fan so this song was a great reminder why I like both of them a lot.

To turn things to education a bit, I think that music and the arts should have a strong presence in our public schools.  As a social studies teacher I appreciate the work that these teachers do for students.  We have to remember that not all students want to be accountants or doctors.  Some want to rock out or make really inspirational art.  I think that schools should be a place where these students can explore this.  We should all support not only public education, but the music and arts at our schools as well!

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