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I could just tell you the truth…I have a really good video production team

Tim Pawlenty…yawn.  First, notice how in every ad he does he uses music to add excitement to his voice.

The one thing that really bothered me about this ad was that it is time specific.  He says he’ll be in Iowa tomorrow.  Not that it is a huge deal, but after Sunday the ad is already dated. As far as technique, I get it, he isn’t going to do the same schtick to announce he is running for president, but isn’t worse to list all the schticky ways that other people might do it.  I won’t do this or this or this or this. But I’ll waste your time listing them all! By the way, which candidate ever handed out cupcakes?  I don’t see that as a negative at all.

Other things that I thought were off about the video was the overall vibe of it.  The music and the cutting from shot to shot, just doesn’t really sit well with me. Pawlenty has a video production team at his disposal that is doing him a disservice.  They are trying to use bells and whistles to make him sound more interesting than he really is.  I think that the vibe is better than Newt’s, but I think that the best ad so for for the Republicans in this cycle is Romney’s exploratory committee one.  No music.  Football field in the back ground.  No gimmicks, if you don’t count some of the ideas.  Private sector success does not equal public sector success.  At least Mitt admitted that sometimes he wasn’t successful.

The strongest point of Pawlenty’s ad was he last line.  “Together we’ll change our country…and this time it will be for the better.”  I think that this is a line that the bread and butter support for the Republicans will like.  I can already see the ads.  Change for the better.  Makes sense if your on that side.

I still think that Romney is going to get the nomination.  I just don’t see any of the other contenders stepping up.  The biggest thing that Romney has going for him, I believe, is his voice and appearance.  They seem a lot more presidential than any of the other candidates.  Now is that shallow?  Oh yea, but that is how we cover our political campaigns.  We look at the shallow qualities and ignore what really matters.   I hope to post some more on the future on some of the actual issues instead of the glitz that surrounds our political campaigns.  I just think it’s interesting on how politicians use ads to get their message out.

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