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Here we go…

Multiply times I have thought about blogging.  Multiple times I have set up an account and even a couple times I have posted something.  This time it’s for keeps!  I have just graduated this past winter with my master’s degree in Education.  I am a certified 6-12 social studies teacher.  I’m going to hold off on other biographical information because I want to stay somewhat anonymous because of my profession.

I guess the first important question to ask is “Why blog?”  I have a couple of different answers to this.  First, I miss the grind of being in college.  I miss researching and writing assignments and long papers.  My undergraduate degree is in history and it was during the work on this that I became engaged with research.  I love to research.   I love to learn.  I think that as a teacher it is my duty to learn as much as I can about as much as I can. I think that this will only inform my teaching and make me better at what I do.  So, I guess that was two reasons right there.  1: I miss the academic world of college.  2: I think by doing this it will help me become a better teacher.

Another reason why I have decided to blog is that I feel like I have a lot of stuff to say!  I’m an avid news follower and I am constantly (daily) depressed by how we inform ourselves as a society (more on that later, maybe).  I hope that this blog will give me a sounding board for ideas that I have, problems that I have come about, and to have fun.  I have a lot of different interests.  I follow a variety of blogs in my GoogleReader and I hope to emulate their seriousness of task and how informative that they are.  Lastly, the reason I started this blog is that I want to create a space where people can dialogue about the world around us.  Hopefully I get some readers.  Hopefully, they teach me something that I would have never had gotten from reading books or the like.  I guess what I really strive for is the engage in a intellectual community.  My current milieu is lacking this.   I want people to push and question my ideas.  I want to grow as a learner and therefore as a teacher.  Basically, I want people I can talk to that want to talk about more than just American Idol.  I’ve grown very bored with my current surroundings and I hope to use this blog to cure my ennui.

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